Education, Military Service, Construction Career


6/3/42 – Graduated from Ethical Culture Fieldston School, New York City……….Class of 1942

7/6/42 -Entered Dartmouth College………..Class of 1946

12/12/42 – Enlisted in U.S.Navy V-12 program while studying at Dartmouth.

7/6/43 – Called to active service, continuing to study at Dartmouth, but in uniform and under Navy discipline.

11/10/44 – Awarded Bachelor of Science Degree summa cum laude.

2/24/45 – Detached from duty at Dartmouth per Navy requirements. (Credits toward the 5th year Civil Engineer Degree were utilized in the future as noted below.)

3/5/45 – Reported to U.S. Civil Engineer Corps Midshipman School, Camp Endicott, Davisville, Rhode Island.

5/5/45 – Commissioned as Ensign, Civil Engineer Corps, USNR.

5/10/45 – 7/4/45 – Construction Battalion Training and Military Training in New England.

7/17/45 – 8/7/45 – Assigned as company officer, then commissary officer, in echelon sent by train to Camp Parks, Shoemaker, California.

8/11/45 – Embarked on USS Winged Arrow, Navy Transport.

9/1/45 – Arrived Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, after stops at Eniwetok, Marshall Islands, and Ulithi, Caroline Islands. (9/2/45 – Japan signed surrender agreement.)

9/3/45 – 9/19/45 – Reported to Manila, then assigned to 29th Naval Construction Battalion at Samar.

11/19/45 – 29th NCB ordered to go to Truk with construction equipment.  Travel by three LCIs and one LST.  Arrived 11/29/45.

11/29/45 – 5/31/46 – In accordance with Peace Treaty, members of 29th NCB provided oversight of Japanese forces in rebuilding of military camp at Truk.

5/31/46 – Authorized to return to the United States via Guam.

6/19/46 – Honorable Release from Active Duty.


September 1946 – Admitted to graduate school, Columbia University.

6/ 3/47 – Received Master of Arts Degree, Faculty of Philosophy, Columbia University

7/31/47 – Admitted to New York University, Graduate Division, College of Engineering

(Completed Night School  Courses CE 211 & 217, 1947-48.)

10/17/57 – Earned P.E., Professional Engineer License to practice in the State of New York.

6/10/73 – Awarded Civil Engineer Degree from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth.


Summer of 1947 to early 1948 – Worked as assistant to a house builder on Long Island

4/1/48 – 10/1/48 – Employed in Venezuela by Hegeman-Harris Co. as Engineer-Surveyor.

1949 – 1953 – Employed by Thompson-Starrett Co. in New York City as Office Engineer.

1954 – 1955 – Employed by Joseph P. Blitz New York City as Project Manager.

1956 – Employed by the newly formed Kreisler Borg Construction Co. in White Plains.  Within a year purchased an equal share from Kreisler and Borg.  Company name subsequently  changed to Kreisler Borg Florman Construction Co.

1984 – Joseph Zelazny become a partner in the firm with Borg and Florman.

Borg died in 2010, Zelazny died in 2012, Corporation expected to be dissolved in 2020.