Speeches and Presentations

Samuel Florman

12/11/68           N.Y. Academy of Sciences, Engineering Division

1/1/69               Engineers Club of Trenton, New Jersey

1/16/70             Cornell University, Continuing Education Department

10/15/71           Clarkson College (ASEE)

3/22/72             Manhattan College, Professional Day

11/15/72           Metropolitan Section, ASCE, New York City

9/9/75               Fieldston School, Riverdale, New York, Faculty Seminar

9/14/75             Engineers Joint Council, Executive Committee

2/23/76             Lee Graham Radio Program, WNYC, New York

3/2/76               “Straight Talk” TV Program, Channel 9, NYC

10/15/76           Stevens Institute, Alumni Dinner

2/10/77             Columbia University, Seminar on Technology and Social Change

3/21/77             Lafayette College, Symposium, “Technology and the Human Condition”

4/18/77             Smith College, Seminar on Careers in Engineering

4/29/77             New York State Industrial Arts Association, Convention, NYC

5/25/77             “Personal Prism,” WHPC-FM

10/5/77             Mechanics Institute, New York City

12/14/77           Western Society of Engineers, Chicago, Young Engineers’ Forum

1/11/78             University of Florida, College of Engineering

3/15/78             Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Seminar

4/27/78             ASCE Convention, Pittsburgh

5/24/78             Brookhaven Laboratory

5/25/78             University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Cultural & Technological Studies Program

7/25/78             Hospital for Joint Diseases, N.Y.C., Groundbreaking

9/27/78             Colorado School of Mines, AMAX Lecture

10/17/78           IBM, Research Triangle, N.C.

10/18/78           North Carolina State University, Triangle Fellow for the History of Technology

11/17/78           N.Y. State Society of Professional Engineers, Albany, NY

2/13/79             Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, Faculty Committee on the Liberal Arts and the Professions

2/14/79             Engineering News-Record Dinner, N.Y.C.

3/22/79             Albion College, Symposium, “Work in the 21st Century”

4/24/79             Electro Professional Program (IEEE), N.Y.C.

4/25/79             Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

5/1/79                Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

5/20/79             State University of New York at Stony Brook, Engineering School Commencement

10/31/79           University of Michigan, Symposium “Engineering and Pessimism”

11/27/79           New Jersey Institute of Technology, ASCE Chapter

12/4/79             Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Visiting Scholar Program

2/15/80             Texas A & M, Student Conference on National Affairs

3/26/80             Stevens Institute, “Humanities Day” panel discussion

4/14/80             Spring Hill Center, Wayzata, Minn. National Conference on Science, Technology and Human Values

6/24/80             American Society for Engineering Education, Annual Conference “Is Engineering an Anti-Social, Anti-Human Profession?”

9/16/80             Public Works Historical Society, Kansas City, MO.

2/24/81             Villanova University, Sixth Annual Distinguished Public Lecture, College of Engineering

3/11/81              Vanderbilt University

4/3/81               State University of New York Maritime College, Conference on “Humanities and the Machine”

9/8/81              Casper Citron Radio Program, WQXR, New York

12/10/81           Rochester Institute of Technology, Institute Forum: “Technology and Values”

1/10/82             American Conference of Academic Deans, Boston, Panel Session: “Educating Students for Careers in Business and the Professions.”

3/5/82                Second National Conference on Ethics in Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology (commentator)

3/18/82             C C N Y Faculty Forum

3/27/82             Columbia University, Engineering Dean’s Day

4/20/82             George H. & Fay C. Sparks Lecture Series, Georgia Institute of Technology

4/2/82                Pratt Institute

5/5/82                IBM, Corporate Technical Recognition Event, New York City

5/6/82               AAES Engineering Leadership Conference, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

5/13/82             Dartmouth College, Charles C. Jones Seminar Series

9/3/82              “Open Mind” TV Program, Channel 11, NYC (Also Channel 1310/2/82)

10/9/82             Independent Scholars’ Forum, New York University

10/19/82           Visiting Scholar, Western Michigan University

11/4/82             Fall Banquet, N.Y. State Engineering Technology Association, New York City

11/15/82           Ralph Coats Roe Lecture, ASME Winter Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona

12/2/82             The Technology and Culture Seminar at M.I.T.

12/8/82             The Fischbach Lecture Series, Manhattan College

3/11/83             Ethical Culture Schools, Faculty Conference Day

3/16/83             Concordia University, Montreal

3/29/83             Katherine Balfour Radio Program, WEVD, NYC

4/5/83                Purdue University

5/20/83             Dartmouth College, Dartmouth Society of Engineers Awards Banquet

10/28/83           Epcot Forum, co-sponsored by Walt Disney Productions and the Annenberg School of Communications

11/15/83             Columbia University, Second Annual Tau Beta Pi Lecture

3/29/84             Yale Science and Engineering Association, Yale University

10/13/84           Tau Beta Pi National Convention, Tempe, Arizona

11/3/84             Annual Meeting, Society of the History of Technology; Panel Session, “Defining Engineering in the 20th Century”

11/7/84             New York Academy of Sciences, Engineering Section

11/28/84           Oklahoma State University, Lecture/Forum

11/29/84           University of Oklahoma, Norman, Public Lecture

11/29/84-12/3/84  Scholarship Leadership Enrichment Program, University of Oklahoma, Norman

1/9/85                Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Distinguished Winter Lecture Series

3/4/85               6th Annual DCLASS Conference, Brigham Young University

3/5/85               University Forum, Brigham Young University

3/15/85             CE Expo/Consulting Engineers Exposition and Management Conference, Washington DC

10/17/85           Keynote Address, Annual Meeting Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Phoenix, Arizona

10/23/85           Washington University, St. Louis

2/11/86             President’s Honors Colloquium Lecturer, Clemson University

3/18/86             United States Military Academy

5/18/86             Clarkson University

6/7/86               Dartmouth College, Thayer School Investiture

10/30/86          Clarkson University

11/19/86            Engineering Information, Inc. Annual Meeting, NYC

12/8/86             NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD.

5/1/86               Ethical Culture Schools Founders Day

6/17/87             Connecticut Engineers in Private Practice

11/6/87             “Science Book Shop,” Radio Program, Australian Broadcasting Corp.

1/6/88               American Society of Plumbing Engineers, NYC

1/7/88               Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY

3/9/88               Engineering Week ’88, Annual Luncheon, Toronto

3/29/88             Cooper Union School of Engineering, NYC

4/5/88               University of Virginia

4/15/88             AAAS Colloquium on R & D Policy, Washington, D.C.

9/24/88             AAC/ABET Conference on the Humanities and Social Sciences in Undergraduate Engineering Education, Baltimore

11/18/88           Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium

3/13/89             GTE Foundation Lectureship Program, Penn State University, Harrisburg

4/5/89                New Jersey Institute of Technology

10/15/89           Frontiers in Education Conference SUNY Binghamton, NY

12/7/89             New York Chapter NSPE, New York City, NY

4/7/90               Columbia University, Public Affairs Program

4/19/90            ASCE Quinquennial National Forum on Education, Las Vegas

5/1/90               AT&T Engineering Excellence Society Lecture Series, North Andover, Mass.

5/10/90             U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York

8/24/90             Humanist Institute, New York City

9/26/90             Ethics Institute, Dartmouth College

11/14/90           Junior New York Academy of Sciences

11/15/90           NY State Society of Professional Engineers, Westchester Chapter

2/20/91            Engineers Joint Committee of Long Island

2/21/91             Metropolitan Engineering Societies Council and Engineering Division, New York Academy of Sciences

5/8/91               The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Annual Distinguished Lecture, Georgia Tech

5/9/91               Georgia Tech Advisory Board, Atlanta, George

11/21/91            Conference, The Partnership for Rebuilding our Infrastructure, New York City

2/18/92             Engineers Week Luncheon, Albuquerque, New Mexico

5/5/92               Symposium, Governor’s Awards for Excellence, Harrisburg, Pa.

5/6/92               “Desert Island Discs,” WITF, Harrisburg, PA (broadcast 8/23/92)

5/15/92             Dartmouth College, Ph.D. Seminar and D.S.E. Freshman Lunch

7/14/92             Building Research Board, Washington, D.C.

4/15/93             Rhode Island Engineering Societies and Engineering Schools, Providence, RI

5/16/93             Brown University

5/22/93             American Society for Engineering Education Annual Meeting, Liberal Education Division, Urbana, Illinois

6/7/94                National Science Foundation Workshop on Restructuring Engineering Education, Washington, DC

3/21/95             Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

3/28/95             Carnegie Mellon University

11/16/95           Humanist Institute, New York City

2/12/96             Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, Irvine, California

6/13/96             Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, Woods Hole, Mass.

10/23/96           “Science Friday,” National Public Radio

8/7/97                AAES Board of Governors, Washington, DC

9/16/97             Dowling College

3/24/98             University of Pittsburgh

4/9/98               Pennsylvania State University

5/21/98             Society of American Military Engineers, National Conference, New York City

Mid-1998         Several appearances in “The Elegant Solution,” TV series produced in Australia

2/26/99             Public Television Work Shop, National Academy of Engineering

3/19/01             “Heroic Engineering,” symposium at the Delft University of Technology

3/20/01             “Utopia, Its Meaning within Engineering,” presentation at the Delft University of Technology

9/24/01             “The Afternoon Magazine with Bill Hammack,” Will-AM Urbana, Illinois


Radio interviews in connection with publication of “The Aftermath”


l2/17/01                      “Sound Off,” WXYX-AM, Cowan, TN

12/17/01                     “Afternoon Show with Gary Segerstrom,” KXAM-AM, Phoenix, AZ

12/19/01                     “KAHI Morning Show.” KAHI-AM, Auburn, CA

12/19/01                     “Tuesday Talk,” KDTA-AM, Delta, CO

12/19/01                     “E-Town,” XM Satellite Radio, Washington, DC

12/26/01                     “Prime Time Drive,” WNWS-FM, Jackson, TN

12/30/01                     “Prime Plus,” KLUP-AM, San Antonio, TX

12/31/01                     “Morning Show,” KRSN-AM, Los Alamos, NM

1/2/02                         “Morning Magazine,” WFAW-AM, Fort Atkinson, WI

1/2/02                          “Midday Show,” KMHL-AM, Marshall, MN

1/3/02                          “Morning Report,” WBKC-AM, Cleveland, OH

1/4/02                          “The Tom Pope Show,” Powemomics Radio, Washington, DC

1/5/02                          “The Delancy Show,” WOND-AM/WONZ-AM, Atlantic City, NJ

1/7/02                          “Afternoon Magazine,” KCNN-AM, Grand Forks, ND

1/8/02                         “920 AM Magazine,” WBAA-AM, West Lafayette, IN

1/10/02                       “Tron Talk,” KCMN-AM, Colorado Springs, CO

1/26/02                       “Morning News Break,” WLTP-AM, Vienna, WV

1/30/02                      “Interview with Patricia Glyn,” National Public Broadcast, South Africa

1/31/02                       “The K-Rock Magazine,” WXRK-FM, Fairfield, NJ

2/7/02                        “Balancing the Equation for Women and Girls in Science, Engineering and Technology,” National Council, Research on Women, NewYork

4/12/02                       Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

6/14/03                       Science Fiction Association of Bergen County, NJ

10/9/04                       Society for the History of Technology, Annual Meeting, Amsterdam

10/2/13                        Concrete Industry Foundation Annual Awards Luncheon, New York City Samuel Florman